Front Yard Remodel!

We are working on our house to make it a little more livable and we are working hard - we hope you like the before and after as much as we do!!

We realized that we were "those neighbors" when we had a weed that was 4 ft tall in the flower bed!  We worked 2 weekends and enlisted some help from my mom, Rita to get the project done!  We would say it was a success even though we had a neighbor come over and yell at us for ripping out monkey was nearly dead and overgrown....we just smiled!!

Before:  Front of the house

Look at those ferns - we have chopped them down multiple times over the past year... today they get dug out!

Kim getting ready for work day one!!  

Cooper trying to help out!! He loved rolling in the grass all day!

Day one complete!  

Kim worked really hard on the ferns.... she decided that we should plant some too..
....NO WAY!

Project complete --
 Hard to tell in this picture, but we planted a couple bushes, 
flowers and a lime tree!

I feel so blessed that Kim likes to work on these kinds of projects with me!  It makes the job so much more fun!  

We are ready for our house to be done and just live for a while - a few more projects are coming -- the pool area is getting a rehab and then a couple things inside and we are done for a good long time on this house!!