Working on making our house our home...

We have been working on the house to make it ours!  Here are a few of the projects!

We needed a new coffee table desperately! 
(the 70's style formica table that my parents used when I was born....needed to go!) 
Kim found a website with plans and we started making our table!

The plans tell you all the cuts you need

 our "workshop"

starting to look like a table!

 bottom shelf in place


 side view of the table

Look later at the finished product!  
Kim and I found we are a great team in many things... 
Kim read the instructions and I put it together, I sanded, She stained, I polyurethaned.

Watch for more projects in our future!

We are working inside and out.... here are some of the things we have done this fall
Adirondack chairs out front...I put them together (with kim reading the instructions!) and we stained them, Kim made weatherproof pillow for them

fall decorations ... I wasn't too sure about the bird!

Our front door - with the wreath Kim made - she is my crafty lady!

Outside our front windows...the neighbors loved what we did - they told us they had to copy!

Back inside the house...
earlier you saw that I ripped down the paneling in the living room
Here is the room, right after the painters finished 
 this is now our new favorite room!

The wet bar, mirrors and wall paper down!

Looking in from the front door

still have that wonderful atrium! 
(if you have suggestions of what to do with that space...please let us know!)

We turned the dining room into a sitting room

the finished room and finished coffee table

We are enjoying our time working on our home.... we hope to do more in the future!
(have to get the house ready for when kids come....
don't get too excited.....nothing to report!)

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  1. Love the update. The house looks beautiful. I suggest you pad the walls of the atrium and use it as a playroom for the kids :-)