Our new home...

One day we went up to Richardson to help Kim's parents move her grandma out of her house.... little did we know that we would be agreeing to purchase a home in the future!!

We moved in April, Grandma was so gracious not to make us close on the new home until we sold our other one....during that time - we have done some things to the house....

scraped the ceilings
now the paneling in the living room is going

the wet bar - after all the wallpaper gone - mirrors to go next

Had some previous termite damage under the paneling.  Just got the paper - 
easy fix for the texture guys!

The window is to the atrium in the middle of the house .... that will go next but not this time.... have to save up some money to open the kitchen, dining room, living room!

Looking at the front door.  Someday we want to push out the front door -there is an existing overhang outside - and make a new foyer.  We want to get rid of the current foyer and make part of the living room.

Front door, wet bar, current dining room - sitting room someday!

Fireplace is huge! we are going to keep it for now - give it a good cleaning and then someday update it!

Looking from the front door to the back yard

Mirrors are off....look at the awesome wallpaper that once graced this house!

Mirrors gone - holes being patched

day 1 tape and bedding done - we have a great guy... at one time today there were 5 guys working on the room!

Termite damage repaired - they primed it, floated it, then it will be textured and then painted

Cooper not to sure about all of this!!  He misses his evening run around the house.  With all the tarps down - we are keeping him in our bedroom - his claws tear up the tarps!! - He has learned to jump out our bedroom window to go outside!  Only one time he turned around to come back in as I was closing the window... he now has a small bald spot and scrape on the top of his head... hope the hair will grow back!!

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