Summer Flew by....

This summer went by so fast...we had hopes and dreams to get a ton of stuff done....well lets be honest... my job took over!  we had a ton of fun - most of the summer revolved around kids, youth and trips...

here goes with pics
Munger Place Church, Senior High Mission Trip
Galveston, Texas

Getting ready to go to the beach

along with cooking....Kim can work with the best of them

One of Drew's dreams was to have a wife that enjoyed missions as much as he does....God provides!

We worked hard....and then had a great deep sea fishing excursion, Mike (Drew's brother-in-law from Houston) joined us for the day!

Mission Trip #2
Munger Place Church  Junior High Youth Mission Trip
Fort Worth, Texas

Rita came and joined us on this trip (she wouldn't stay with us even though it was her church!)

Drew at the Trinity River Clean Up

 Again, in Youth ministry you have to work hard...then play.  We decided since there were no showers at the church we were staying (Kim and our friend Kristin went over to Rita's to shower) So we decided to have a 20ft x 100ft slip-and-slide -- baby shampoo gets JH kids so much cleaner!!

 Outdoor worship at White Rock Lake with Munger Place Church

We had a great summer!!  Watch for more pics of our new house....we are working on it ourselves!