I cannot express the immense excitement that I have for the next three months! I have not had a summer off since early high school- either going to school or working. I know it is not normal in the working world to have three months off in the middle of the year, but it is a much needed gift that I have been given!

This year has been a lot to handle- getting married, both Drew and I starting new jobs, moving, starting a business, etc. Most of the things you aren't "supposed to do" during your first year of marriage, we managed to fit in. This year has been so busy, but amazingly blessed! The best part is I have a sweet husband to share it with! So much to learn about living with and loving another person in marriage and all of these experiences have made our love grow and grow.

I have BIG plans for the months to come and maybe I will actually have time to blog about them!

six. more. days.  I can do this!