Thanksgiving 2010

We spent some time in Oak Point, Texas with Grandma and Papap.  We helped host dinner there for the family.  We spent the morning cooking, early afternoon eating and walking, and evening resting and getting ready to shop for black friday....found everything online so we slept in!

Our Family
Kim, Cooper, & Drew 

Our Wedding

On August 7, 2010 our lives changed forever.  As soon as the Pastor said "I now pronounce..." a difference could be felt.  We are so excited to share our lives together and pray for God's blessings as we go through life together as husband and wife!

Kim walking to the Sanctuary with some of the Bridesmaids

During the ceremony...
 a couple of Drew's Youth from church sang
"God Gave Me You" - Dave Barnes

Outside the Church immediately after the wedding!

Our wedding Party
(this is more typical of what was going on than the posed one!)

Outside the church, Highland Park United Methodist Church in Dallas, Texas

Our first dance together as Husband and Wife!

Engagement Pictures

We had so much fun during our engagement picture session! We laughed a ton and had a great time!

In Process...

So, apparently we were supposed to continue posting on this thing after the wedding! I was under the impression that the blog could just know what we were doing and post things about our lives including pictures. No? That's not how it works?

Well, let me work on finding something brilliant to say and get back to you.

Two weeks!

We are so excited about the wedding- it's getting so close! Only 2 more weeks! Drew is currently in Costa Rica leading a mission trip for the youth. He will be returning next Saturday just in time to get married! Thank you all so much for supporting us. That is what will form a strong foundation for a long and happy marriage! We can't wait to start this new adventure!

Meet the newest member of our family...

This is Cooper.

He is a little shy sometimes,

but he is so happy when he gets to ride in the car!

The Engagement - March 4, 2010

The big day was spent with me running around and Kim having no clue with what was going on! I went to lunch with Kim's parents to have a little chat! That afternoon, I took Kim for a walk at White Rock Lake and at a predetermined location, I walked off the path with Kim's hand in mine - we were next to the lake and I shared all the things that make Kim the perfect God-sent woman for me, I got on a knee (while Kim's eyes became huge, and she let out a rather strange noise) I asked Kim to be my wife and spend the rest of our lives together. I kept talking - and realized that at some point I was going to have to let her answer and SHE SAID YES!!! The ring that I gave was partly from my Granny's engagement ring. I told Kim about the love and commitment that my maternal grandparents shared and that I wanted that for our relationship! (Granny and Gramps have a similar start to their relationship that ours does!) We then were greeted with a picnic with some of our friends...the calls, and planning now can commence!!